Clients of Eden Health, LLC

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If you have found your way here that means that you have either been seen by one of our nurses or they have left a “Gold Booklet” for you. Our services are provided by your insurance company at no cost to you. Our programs help people with a health issue that is currently affecting them. We are here to give you the knowledge you need to be successful in managing the health condition you are facing.

• We teach you easy to understand information about your condition.
• We help you access resources you may have not have been aware are available to you.
• We help you gain a relationship with your health providers.
• We let you tell us what is most important in managing your health condition.
• We give you tools to be successful in your management of your health condition.
• YOU are the key to your success!

What are Former Client's Saying About their Experience?

"It's like having a nurse in the family."
"I no longer have to go to the hospital for all my care. There are doctors that carre about me."
"I used to feel so stupid asking the doctors questions. Now I can talk with my doctor about my son's asthma. He's doing so much better... he's playing baseball this summer!"
"I wish I would have had this service with my first baby."
"My nurse didn't judge me. I really connected with her when I really needed someone."
"I was worried that you were just nosing into my business. My nurse just cared about me and my baby."

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